Here at Excellence Auto Repair, we treat your car like it’s our very own. Our team of professionals uses only the highest quality products to fix, paint, repair, adjust or realign. We only fix what needs to be fixed, and we guarantee each and every repair. When you come to our shop, we tell you how we’re going to treat your vehicle before we get started, so if you have any questions - go ahead and ask. We’re here to listen. 


Hybrid Battery Repair

excellence auto repair hybrid battery repair

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Wheel Alignment

excellence auto repair wheel alignment

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Muffler Shop

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Electrical & Diagnostics

Electrical and diagnostics

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Brake and Rotor Service

excellence auto repair break and rotor


Routine Maintenance

routine maintenance

Xcellence Auto body Repair

Tow it in, drive it in or have it delivered.  We will find the parts, paint it and give it back to you. 

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